Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React


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    REACT   1 weeks back

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    • Ward1724
      Ward1724  2 days back

      GOT YOU TO 15 k

    • ghost all avina
      ghost all avina  3 days back

      Hi I love your videos please do more YouTube and I want to meet you one day and you are awesome and notification squads

    • Bryn ʌʌʇ
      Bryn ʌʌʇ  4 days back

      REACT I just wish I was their

    • Vexzify Xbl
      Vexzify Xbl  4 days back

      Adrianna Rodriguez I thought it was a image of ninja in the top right. He’s literally a statue

    • Dead on one eye
      Dead on one eye  4 days back

      When will you put apex on here?

  • The Cosmic Identity 22
    The Cosmic Identity 22  3 minutes back

    how is this secret if you already revealed him in the beginning

    • Reclamation Hyp
      Reclamation Hyp  51 minutes back

      Is ironic both of their names is tyler

      • TheRoastedBaccon
        TheRoastedBaccon  2 hours back

        Who like’s Fortnite still

      • Dude Fabulous
        Dude Fabulous  8 hours back

        Tom kinda looks like cloakzy

        • Lxme_ Yoshii
          Lxme_ Yoshii  9 hours back

          Never noticed ninjas hair :ppp

          • Leo and Connie
            Leo and Connie  10 hours back

            Who else thinks that doesn’t look like ninja and he isn’t even good

            • C r y s t a l z
              C r y s t a l z  5 hours back

              And he was trying to play on controller in the first part

            • RageMun
              RageMun  9 hours back

              Leo and Connie He said in the video that it’s not his setup, he’s not used to it. So it makes sense he would be worse.

          • Lucifer P
            Lucifer P  11 hours back

            Hey guys bring turner man

            • Itz_Davon
              Itz_Davon  12 hours back

              This Video Was Released On My Birthday

              Great Video

            • Bobby Moreno
              Bobby Moreno  12 hours back

              Shoulda got tfue

              • Luke Kirkeby
                Luke Kirkeby  32 minutes back


              • i q
                i q  10 hours back

                Ninja sorry

              • i q
                i q  10 hours back

                Bro respect my man tfue ok

            • meme Music
              meme Music  12 hours back

              نينجا يلعب ب الفاره ما شاء الله بخرب بيتو

              • TheTasty Pug
                TheTasty Pug  13 hours back

                *Button mashing intensifies*

                • Peyton johnson
                  Peyton johnson  14 hours back

                  people still play this trash smh 🤦‍♂️

                  • Skitzer Fortnite
                    Skitzer Fortnite  40 minutes back

                    People still use that profile pic smh 🤦‍♂️

                  • Dr. Mutjaba
                    Dr. Mutjaba  1 hours back

                    i feel bad for fortnite fans. they just genuinely want to play a game. i usually never see the fan base being toxic towards other games. But fortnite has been told by others how bad it is even though they just want to play in peace

                  • Bran Hall
                    Bran Hall  12 hours back

                    Right!!! Like if you're here to hate go somewhere else!!!

                  • Bobby Moreno
                    Bobby Moreno  12 hours back

                    And you are here because.....

                • Z Dubzeh
                  Z Dubzeh  14 hours back

                  I bet ninja when he got stinked he was bout to just to destroy everything around him

                  • norrel meriah
                    norrel meriah  14 hours back


                    • norrel meriah
                      norrel meriah  14 hours back


                      • The Nubs - Fortnite
                        The Nubs - Fortnite  15 hours back

                        Ninja Looked so emotionless through the whole thing

                        • Keller Bradford
                          Keller Bradford  4 hours back

                          What do u expect he is playing fortnite in 2019

                      • PocketAngy
                        PocketAngy  15 hours back

                        tfue is better

                        • Tony gaming XD
                          Tony gaming XD  6 hours back

                          Then go and watch him

                        • i q
                          i q  10 hours back

                          Bro respect my man

                      • FORTNITE GAMER
                        FORTNITE GAMER  15 hours back

                        I play fortnite too much

                        • MikeH 510
                          MikeH 510  17 hours back

                          Why does ninja look like Eric from that 70's Show

                          • Gamingwolfz Zz
                            Gamingwolfz Zz  19 hours back

                            No one:
                            Absolutely no one:
                            Ninja:im not used to this setup

                            • a dude with internet
                              a dude with internet  20 hours back

                              Tom looks like cloakzy

                              • minun_hapie
                                minun_hapie  22 hours back

                                Ummm it's not a secret pro gamer
                                Some people know him

                                • MixFatal
                                  MixFatal  22 hours back

                                  Woah, Ninja played with a girl 😂

                                • Devin 0rtega
                                  Devin 0rtega  23 hours back

                                  Dude Fortnite is crap Minecraft is better

                                • choco miel
                                  choco miel  23 hours back

                                  Fortnite will get knock out by pewdiepie's MINECRAFT meatball

                                  • javier jaramillo
                                    javier jaramillo  23 hours back

                                    Ninja comes out: the f you say to me you little piece of sh

                                    • BleachMaster
                                      BleachMaster  23 hours back

                                      All these people were Garbo

                                    • Lenii Schneiderova
                                      Lenii Schneiderova  24 hours back

                                      Pls make react on Hitman blood money

                                      • Hazer Graham
                                        Hazer Graham  1 days back

                                        Ninja looks serious 😕😕😕

                                        • Daniel Hearn
                                          Daniel Hearn  1 days back


                                          • Nicolas Lopes
                                            Nicolas Lopes  22 hours back

                                            @Nyxsun VN it was one word

                                          • Nyxsun VN
                                            Nyxsun VN  1 days back

                                            Daniel Hearn I seriously don’t care for Ninja, so your comment speaks to me

                                        • PiggyGamersTR
                                          PiggyGamersTR  1 days back

                                          Teens react to ninja vs tfue (live in the office)

                                          • Jim errol barnido fy
                                            Jim errol barnido fy  1 days back

                                            ninja play with a

                                            • SnootyGiraffe86
                                              SnootyGiraffe86  1 days back

                                              I was so confused who was who most the time

                                              • Tuft
                                                Tuft  1 days back

                                                Stream sniping

                                                • Danger Deep
                                                  Danger Deep  1 days back

                                                  Ninja should try playing in asian servers, i bet he would get clapped most of the time

                                                  • Fra Zix
                                                    Fra Zix  1 days back

                                                    It depends on players

                                                  • Fra Zix
                                                    Fra Zix  1 days back


                                                  • Newgamer
                                                    Newgamer  1 days back

                                                    He also gets clapped in tournaments by Dafran.

                                                • ParadoxClouds TTV
                                                  ParadoxClouds TTV  1 days back

                                                  Lmao ninja ain't that good without all of his 10k special items

                                                  • Fernando Cordero Gil
                                                    Fernando Cordero Gil  2 days back

                                                    Like ir yo want playing dying light

                                                    • Tea Sipper
                                                      Tea Sipper  2 days back

                                                      He looks dead the whole time👀

                                                      • Zone Minishot
                                                        Zone Minishot  2 days back

                                                        Same cahi

                                                        • Oxford Kitchen
                                                          Oxford Kitchen  2 days back

                                                          I never saw his hair like that

                                                          • Owen Heijnen
                                                            Owen Heijnen  2 days back

                                                            That face of ninja😅😅😅

                                                            • Jordyn Harris
                                                              Jordyn Harris  2 days back

                                                              dude i feel bad for the last kid

                                                              • Flame
                                                                Flame  2 days back

                                                                Jordyn Harris I mean he meet ninja so it doesn’t matter

                                                            • Cjk Kandell
                                                              Cjk Kandell  2 days back

                                                              Ninjas face is still all the time

                                                              • KaneBruce 05
                                                                KaneBruce 05  2 days back


                                                                • Randeliinz _
                                                                  Randeliinz _  2 days back

                                                                  4:41 nope wasn’t looking

                                                                • Mustachio ツ
                                                                  Mustachio ツ  2 days back


                                                                  Ninja: *Don't go hard on me because I have a very ExPeNsIvE setup and I'm not used to this garbage one*

                                                                  • falcon5008
                                                                    falcon5008  2 days back

                                                                    I thought Ninja didn’t play with girls. Money changes everything.

                                                                    • Curvy ttv
                                                                      Curvy ttv  2 days back

                                                                      Maybe because it's not on his channel

                                                                    • SLAYER 6309
                                                                      SLAYER 6309  2 days back

                                                                      falcon5008 dang #the truth